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White poppies for peace

I’ve always been uncomfortable with Remembrance Day. I think it’s really important to remember the horrors of war and those people who have died and are dying in wars. There’s not very much about the ceremony at the Cenotaph that … Continue reading

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Black History Month

It is black history month and the year three children at my daughter’s school were all asked to make a poster about a famous black person they admire. The only famous black person my daughter knows about is Mary Seacole … Continue reading

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Mmm… etamorphosis

I went to see the Michael Clark Company show Mmm… at the Barbican last night. It was great in all sorts of ways, including the fact that it left me unable to describe how it made me feel or what … Continue reading

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Horsey, horsey

About a month ago the daughters came running in all excited, trying to tear me away from my computer to come and look at something amazing in the street. It was a vaulting horse, parked like a car in the … Continue reading

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Parking Ticket

I am quite keen on traffic wardens. Even the nicest person is inclined to become pathologically selfish when driving and motorists are inclined to do the most outrageously anti-social things if they get the chance. So if I ever do … Continue reading

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Help the Homeless

There’s a tunnel I walk through every day on the way to work. It leads from Blackfriars underground station to the pedestrian walkway that runs west along the Embankment from Saint Paul’s to just after Blackfriars Bridge. It’s a great … Continue reading

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Bang bang

I found a bullet on the pavement outside my house today. It was about 9mm wide and flattened from the side rather than from the front as most spent bullets are. I thought that I’d better tell the police about … Continue reading

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The World cup is good

Yes, that’s right, you heard me right. Driving around London in the last few days I noticed that at certain times there was a noticeable absence of scumbags, idiots and unsavoury elements. How useful it would be, I told myself, … Continue reading

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I saw the aftermath of a serious accident last weekend. According to the people standing around afterwards, a bus had swerved to avoid a pedestrian in the road outside Holborn tube station. It went crashing over a traffic island, ploughing … Continue reading

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1 Westminster Bridge

1 Westminster Bridge is a big grey forbidding building that stands in the middle of the roundabout at the southern end of Westminster bridge. There’s no obvious way to get in because the entrance used to be via an overhead … Continue reading

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